Our Individual Workout takes the proven science of creating world- class athletes and applies it to creating world-class leadership and results in the business setting.

Here are the principles of process:

  • Consistent practice is the path to consistent high performance
  • You build muscle by stretching past your current capacity
  • Reviewing past performances allows you to see new techniques
  • Great coaching improves techniques and results

The program is delivered in a six or twelve-month process that includes:

  • 1

    Written Behavioral Assessments
  • 2

    360° Feedback From Key Stakeholders
  • 3

    Specific Outcomes Agreed Upon By Participant
  • 4

    Pre/Post Validation Of Participant Results

Participants often refer to this workout as one of the most rewarding development experiences of their career. Through our one-on-one coaching process, they gain focus, confidence, effectiveness and greater satisfaction in their role as a leader.