Our Vision

  • To create programs that produce such strong leaders and results that we enjoy a consistent, strong demand for our work
  • To develop and impact as many leaders and organizations as we possibly can while still being true to our core values of service and joy

Our Values

  • Service By creating superb client service we will achieve our vision.
  • Practice We practice what we teach every day and see practice as the true path to mastery.
  • Partnership We act, work and are valued like a partner, both within our business and with our clients in their business.
  • Success We know that by achieving successful results for our clients and ourselves, we will remain a solid partner with all of our key stakeholders.
  • Determination We believe success happens by being determined, focused and relentless in the pursuit of our goals and those of our clients.
  • Joy Fun and happiness are our internal barometer of success and are the direct result of being true to our values and vision.

Our Story

Pete Walsh founded Peak Performance Coaching in 1997 in Phoenix Arizona. He had enjoyed a 16-year career as a senior leader in the commercial interiors business.

Pete became introduced to the concept of professional coaching and hired his first coach in 1996. He immediately recognized that he had been a coaching leader for most of his career and wanted to become one of the pioneers in this emerging profession. Since 1997, Pete and his team have coached hundreds of leaders in a variety of industries from New York to California.

Pete went on to become very active in the International Coach Federation and was awarded their highest distinction of Master Certified Coach in 2004. He has served in a variety of positions in the field, including chairman of the Executive Coaching Committee, cofounder of the Phoenix chapter of the ICF and faculty member of Adler International Learning.

If you were to ask Pete the two things he was most proud of, he would say the impact coaching has had in his client’s organizations and the long-standing partnerships Peak continues to have with some of the most well-respected companies in business.